All PMGT (Pir Madar Goods Transport) equipments and menpower are third party certified. An assessment is carried out to ensure compliance with publicly available technical standards. Certification is conducted through an independent, third party organization of international repute qualified and licensed to issue certification, after successfully completing assessment and evaluation.
To ensure Quality services, PMGT (Pir Madar Goods Transport) arranges third party certifications for;

  • All Vehicles including Cranes, Trailers, Fork Lifters, LTV Trucks, & Pickups.
  • Drivers of Trailers, Mazda, 20ft Trucks and pickups in ‘Defensive Driving’.
  • Helpers of cranes, trailers and Mazda/20ft trucks in ‘Lookout’.
  • Operators and riggers for ‘Crane Operational Activities’.
  • Supervisors and Field Managers for ‘Operations & Lifting Operations’.

Third party certification of PMGT (Pir Madar Goods Transport) manpower and equipment is carried out on a yearly basis through the following organizations of international repute.

  • U.R.S. (United Registrar of Systems Limited)
  • B.V. (Bureau Veritas Pakistan)
  • C & T (Consult and Train)
  • Inspectest Pvt. Ltd.
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